William M. Bryan, LMT

After years in the construction business, Bill made a radical change. At age 39, he finally decided what he wanted to be when he grew up ... a massage therapist!


"I liked building decks and garages and additions and stuff. It was hard work and very rewarding. And I really enjoyed cabinetry and architectural mill work. But in the midst of it all, I always had this sense of restlessness; that I was put here for a different reason. So I guess you could say that I found my calling."

Bill likes helping people. He likes bringing his problem-solving abilities to stress and stress management. One of his favorite expressions is: "Situation desperate ... not hopeless!"

Bringing his experience in the trades to his understanding of human anatomy and physiology allows him to serve his clients in a way few others can.   

"After my accident, I struggled to sleep, developed myofascial issues, and anxiety issues. Bill has helped with all of these things. He is pleasant to be around, and his aura itself is comforting, which helps ease my anxiety."                                                                           -S.Bhandari

Bill graduated from East West School of Masage Therapy in 2002, and received his National Certification later that same year. His desire is to help his clients come off of pain medications and avoid the surgeons table. 

"Bill worked with me to determine what would be the best course of massage to help correct my muscle problems. With a consistent program of massage sessions and additional stretching exercises Bill suggested, my neck and shoulders recovered after several weeks." -B.Greeney

In addition to massage and bodywork, Bill likes to educate his clients about stress, bio-mechanics and where their pain is coming from. He believes that "knowledge is power", and when his clients understand how their bodies work, they are in a much better position to make wise decisions concerning their activities and exercise routines.

Bill Bryan is the consummate massage therapist. I have been a client of his for over 12 years. He educates when he is asked to. He takes the scientific approach to massage therapy, always learning more and sharing what he knows. He listens to what is up for your body and addresses those issues during your massage time, unlike many other experiences I've had with massage therapy.                                                         -D.Catrambone

Outside of work, Bill enjoys history, philosophy, playing and recording music, organic gardening and visits with his grand-kids (who like to call him Grand-Dude!)

He and his partner, Gina Marks, were co-directors of the Lionville Holistic Health Center, and later co-founded Posuring for Health LLC, which is dedicated to teaching stress management through bodywork, qi gong and 'joyous movement'. 

For more information, or to schedule a session with Bill, please call 484-798-8029, or email: triscale@verizon.net.

"I have held many different jobs. What's interesting is how all these different jobs have prepared me to practice therapeutic massage and bodywork.

Carpentry and cabinetry gave me an appreciation for structure and 'how-things-go-together'. (And there's nothing like hard physical labor to develop hand strength!) I believe that it's all the varied experiences I bring to the massage table that sets me apart from other massage therapists."