Keep in Touch - A Poem

(Originally appearing on, 9/22/08, and copied here with permission)

When wishing to convey
   affection for another
Whether friends or college roommates
    a sister or a brother
after all goodbyes are said
   and we kiss and hug and such
We wave our hands and wipe our tears
    and say "Let's keep in touch!"

So let us now consider 
   exactly what we mean
And try our best to thus address
   and benefit and glean
from a topic oft ignored
   a mighty subject unexplored
the concept we embrace so much
   the mighty power we call touch

Connections are essential
   for living things to grow
Within connective pathways
   the breath of life doth flow
From simple to complex
   cells unite as one

A fabric held together
   connected one-by-one
And what provides the strength
   Much stronger than a crutch
The blessing of connection 
   Maintained in constant touch

This act of touch, though physical
   goes far and way beyond
Simply sensing pressure
   maintained within a bond
There's more than simple nerve cells
   talking to the brain
Registering pleasure
   or registering pain

Think of touch more like a bridge
   whereby emotions cross
Carrying their messages
   when words are at a loss
Sharing thoughts much deeper
   and weightier by much
Words alone could ne'er convey
   The truths found in our touch

Transmitting and receiving
   a silent communique'
Revealing all our true intent
   no matter what we say
The need to be connected 
   the need called 'sense of place'
A basic need we all must heed
   throughout the human race
Is sought by those who feel apart
   from loved ones and from friends
It's touch that keeps them in our hearts
   and touch affection sends

So when I say "Let's keep in touch"
   what I'm really saying
Is I value our connection
   and wish that you were staying
But if our paths should separate
   and if depart you must
Then again, I'll say my friend,
   "God bless, and KEEP IN TOUCH!"

©2008 Wm. Bryan

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