"Consider the Lilies of the Field..."

Last night I had the privilege of sitting with my friend in a meadow on a cool late summer's evening just as the sun began to set. My eyes slowly turned from the treeline to the field rich in purple and gold and pre-autumn green.


Frogs were chuckling in their hiding places as countless numbers of butterflies danced from blossom to bloom. Crickets played their violins while a soft and steady breeze passed over the wood, providing the cello section for the vast, floating and ever evolving symphony.

Clouds were lifted high

     the silent passers by-

         that reached and found each other, like dancers in the sky

Against a wall of blue

     an overwhelming view-

          they drift and hover there, and wave to you and I

There were so many patterns and pathways for the eyes to travel. We sat there, just taking it all in, exploring with our senses ... the light, the sounds, the feel and o! the smell ... of this living panorama! 

I guess in my younger years, I would have thought "Oh, what a great place for a go-cart!" But now I find myself offended by anything that would disrupt such beauty. Man-made anything seems to be such an intrusion, like walking in loudly to a great and solemn performance. Planes flying overhead have become as noisome to me as some annoying mosquito buzzing around my head ... only a lot bigger. And loud motorcycles, which once I held in great esteem now sound more like rolling flatulence. Very LOUD flatulence. 

There, in that vast theater, there was a Mass production of epic proportion! Thousands, if not millions of players were involved. Lots of lighting and various backdrops, musicians and dancers, and oh-so-many-extras ... all came together for the ever evolving performance called 'the meadow'. In such a place as that, how could one such as I, who believes in the Creator, not sit in amazement at the craftsmanship, the timing, and the choreography of it all?

"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the Earth shows forth His handiwork!" And there we were ... with the best seats in the house!  

Soon we would leave, and walk the short distance to another location, surrounded by thousands of people sitting outdoors in lawn chairs, listening to classical music broadcast from speakers, and watching lighted fountains accompanied by a backdrop of fireworks.


All was orchestrated nicely. The sky would erupt in sparks when cymbals crashed, explosions punched white holes in the black sky when the kettle drum was struck, and the fountains were lifted high on the wings of lofty melodies. Plumes of smoke would eventually drift off into the night sky, blocking out the moon, leaving the smell of sulfur in their wake. And everyone "Ooooh"ed and "Ahhh"ed. 

Don't get me wrong ... it was thrilling! Fountains and fireworks to the music of Mussorgsky is nothing to shake-a-stick-at. We certainly got our money's worth. But for all its pomp, at least under these circumstances, the meadow had the better show ...!