Crying in the Wilderness

There's a common verse that's quoted (and often 'anecdoted') of John the Baptist calling in the wild.

            A mad-man dressed in rugged cloth preaching all alone.

            Surrounded not by church and pew, but wind-blown sand and stone...

                                                                         Like a howling wind in an empty town, he cries out as a child.

Today there is a new wilderness. A slow shutting down of our senses. A gradual detachment from our Source of Being. We are so used to hearing and seeing so much all at once... all the time ... that we learn to 'tune it all out'. 

If John were to preach today, he would just be one more blogger, one more singer-songwriter. One more person with an opinion posted on this cyber bulletin board we call social-media; or one of many-a-million op/ed pieces submitted to any one of thousands of newspapers... along with all the rest.

The wilderness today is not empty. It's full. Overfull, in fact. And that's the problem. Good ideas get lost in the shuffle, and challenges to established ways of thinking are suppressed all the easier simply by ignoring them and moving on.

The wilderness is now a noisy place. It clamors for attention. Everything. All at once. Constantly. Non-stop. Our senses are over run. We are caught in a torrent of information and can't keep up with all that we are now required to remember. And somewhere, in there, in the midst of the cacophony is "the voice of one crying in the wilderness..." 

And somewhere,in there, are you and I, with something to say that needs to be said ... along with everyone elses' things that need to be said... and are already busy saying it!

So what do we do, we prophets anew? Do we scour for new congregations?

    Where can we go to be the more heard among so many peoples and nations?

          We needn't yell any louder. Our voices are quite loud enough.

                 Nor do we need a new broadcast, we already have enough stuff!

Silence will get their attention. Quiet can cause quite a storm.

    Waiting to hear what the Spirit reveals should really become the new norm... 

          And if we must speak, let us be meek, and keep our words simple and few.

               You'll think it absurd, but then we'll be heard by the very ones worth lisn'ing to!