Ode to Our Lungs

Ode to Our Lungs

They take air in, they blow back out

   they help us sigh, and help us shout.

They'll hold a breath, until at last

   with great release they'll give a blast.


Yet all day long they must endure

   the noxious toxins that they deplore-

malodorous fumes beyond compare

  (produced by those who do not care!)


How silently they work unseen

  to filter air and make it clean,

bringing life to every part-

  muscles, bones,

     and brain and heart.


True connection without, within -

    the interchange of yang and yin.

        Our thoughts, our breath

             unite as one

                 attached to life

                     beneath the sun.


Breathe, inhale, relax, let go-

   begin again, stay calm, stay slow.

Rest your mind and hear the sea

   and fill your lungs with heaven’s Qi   

                                        -Billy Shakespeare :)

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